whether it is out of boredom, the colors are striking, or simply because i want to remember a moment, i seem to have an excess amount of random video clips at the end of the month. no matter what i did they just kept piling up and i had a hard time organizing them so after a few years, i began sticking with themes. these are various shots compiled from the beginning of 2014.

much of the footage was thrown together to some music and i began to feel the longer the better. if you think about it, these are just those misc clips staring out the window during long drives, or down the highway at the end of the night where your reflecting on your day as the lights pass by in a haze. i began to feel the merging of thoughts from one to another and wanted to work on somehow capturing that transformation representing my own work as much of it all is just a learning process for my workflow hopping from one medium to the next. it intrigues me to see the same process using the same formula vary so greatly depending on the approach.

highway frame sketch highway frame highway frame sketch
a typical conceptual thought process lately

keeping thematic elements helps me set my own rules for the way i want to see the world, and the repetition from one work to another only seems to exercise the mind digging deeper and further on the ideas. once this was set, not only was it easy to go from film to canvas, but the other way around; working backwards and digging through frames to find stills that mimicked the new work i created. eventually i noticed i was shooting videos differently just to emphasize some of these things.

you always see that image of the artist sitting above some beautiful scenic landscape while they are painting away on the easel as the sun is rising but unfortunately, i can’t exactly do that moving along a highway. much of my references are in motion so with all this footage, it’s really just like a background that montages a bunch of elements i usually reference. it isn’t always about the visual image for me though. i could be referencing the lights, colors, shapes, or even feelings off of memories. the references may always seem familiar, but the slightest differences stir up the imagination differently and after awhile, what more is there when you get bored but to keep pushing further and more unrecognizable…

first oil

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