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cloud study – MVI 6235

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series of uncut time lapse of clouds, this one is from 2013 and happened to catch a light storm passing by.

cloud study – MVI 6233

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series of uncut time lapse of clouds. this one is from 2013.

dmd night teaser without text

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a sample of a teaser video for dmd without any text. the owner wanted the video to feel like the company works through the night so your business can grow. i had a few old clips from before so quickly cut it up using ...

slow pan test after only god forgives

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briefly after our bedroom dolly test, we had a chance to view only god forgives on demand and gave us a few new fetishes to nitpick at that we always knew we liked, but found a movie that really pushed the boundaries ...

floating city sunset concept

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found one from a series of time lapse videos going to and from chicago, heres a mirrored project uncut straight through to get a sense of what i wanted in the future, i would like the feel of a one take but will most ...

chicago slow pan driving

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before moving away from chicago last summer began trying different ways to capture cruises and this was a little upward angle pan test i found.

bedroom dolly test

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wanted to practice one of those endless room shots which forced us to makeshift a dolly in the process. we used two metal bed frames and dolly wheels from an ikea cabinet to smooth out the tracking shots and roughly e...

initial shots for premier switch

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i remember playing around in premier before and understood the basics but up until this night i didn't really try and use it to its fullest potential as a tool. beside the static shots of the syn session cuts, i didn'...

syn session rough cut

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old clip of bboy omega and bboy moks from ground syndrome after a session in chicago. i was lucky to work with such skilled breakers and the shooting went by pretty quick. as tired as they were they were eager to scou...

urban.construkt & vyllentdzines animation

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logo animation done for urban.construkt and vyllentdzines for a personal bboy documentary project i believe awhile back.

the sentra crisis extras

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old footage that never made it into the final trailers for the sentra crisis.  i had the idea after watching the smoking aces trailer to this song and wanted to try it for myself. it was a fun night practicing action ...

the sentra crisis trailer take 2

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it was supposed to be a quick trip. we were all packed and set to drive to maryland from chicago. i had a cousin originally from baltimore visiting, while my oldest cousin was visiting from korea. my brother was ge...

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