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first go pro 4k cloud test

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although i have more recent time lapse videos using the go pro, i found the first 4k test with clouds when i first purchased the go pro 4 last year. i remember being eager to test it out and leaving it on the car dash...

majak mallard 4.26

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just got one of the discontinued nikon 1 j4's on sale off amazon for $250 and testing out some of the features at mallard lake.

emergency getaway

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gopro 4 first day

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shot and created before the wedding shoot in arizona back in august 2014. bought the gopro 4 as a fun backup camera and recorded the first day getting to know the features. we've had a chance to use it more creatively...

june through august 2014 clouds preview

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a preview of clouds collected from june through august this year. it's been a busy year compared to the last but whenever we have a chance we try and keep up with our cloud obsession. i began giving the videos a littl...

htc one time lapse test – mallard lake sunset

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testing lapse it pro using a htc one recording the sunset at mallard lake.

cloud study 8-3-14

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uncut clouds from 8-3-14

elgin o’hare construction & new lights

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some time ago they announced they were completing the elgin o'hare. the expressway which basically spanned from elgin to o'hare literally just stops at a dead end at some point. recently they began some heavy construc...

2014 feb thoughts

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whether it is out of boredom, the colors are striking, or simply because i want to remember a moment, i seem to have an excess amount of random video clips at the end of the month. no matter what i did they just kept ...

longest day of 2014

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We had a thunderstorm on our summer solstice this year showcasing a range of lights and colors in the sky as the weather bounced around. Always makes for some great wet clouds the following days.

may cloud study

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the weather is finally warmer and getting a late april showers. had a few days with good clouds passing by and tried experimenting with some new thoughts. originally my intention was to practice some audio using clips...

the drive home after wind rises film

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caught miyazaki's last film, the wind rises, and left a good enough impression on me. felt like getting in some footage driving home as the sun was going down.

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