i began playing with cityscape mirrors a few years back with some chicago time lapse footage and recently found myself exploring different concepts. i would love to collaborate with an animator or fx person and get some sort of equalizer going in the center like the beginning where you can see the white snow bouncing up and down. the last highway scene where the lights zoom in; i couldn’t figure out how to center the frame since the mirror anchor was so far off to the side and that’s something i will have to revisit someday when i have time. later on in the second half where its purely lights i want to spend some time to line up the music and throb the lights a bit more.

it was originally supposed to be used somehow in the  hotline miami project in a driving sequence which is where the song is from. the sequence would have been where the gf is rescued and staring out the passenger window (fucked up off whatever obviously) and staring off. as the car parks the camera would go from staring inside the car while keeping jacket’s face cropped as he exits, moves around the front of the car around a house into the front door all in one take as he enters the house and cuts to the “next level” persay. the last paragraph probably makes no sense if you have never played the hotline miami game.

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