some time ago they announced they were completing the elgin o’hare. the expressway which basically spanned from elgin to o’hare literally just stops at a dead end at some point. recently they began some heavy construction and began switching out the expressway lights and we went out to see what it would look like on film. at some point you can see the lights fade from the old orange hue to the new bright whites. i am currently infatuated the transition of how it completely switches as you travel around the slight curve.

it’s a bit of nostalgia for us as well since we live at one end of elgin o’hare, and we actually lived at the opposite end of the expressway just a few years ago. to be able to film some of these shots steady and always on point with the framing would make some great effective layers but for the moment you can constantly see the jerking in the mirrored images and things peeking out. constant pareidolia is a major theme so after editing the quick video, i dig through the frames for the usual faces i like to search for while watching the lights pass by for layer inspiration and use.

highway bridge

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