we were fortunate enough to stay at the lefev’re inn in galena over memorial day weekend. when we returned we had some photos for members but didn’t want to put the video to waste. taking all the footage we made a quick little memorial video. keeping it simple and not worrying too much about editing details, we chose some music and laid out the videos and realized a lot actually happened when reviewing.

we had the pleasure of hailey joining us, maja’s niece. it was a good reminder of what it was like to be a kid again; roaming around mischievously letting our imagination run wild. we had an extra camera with the team and it was refreshing exploring through a lense again.

sometimes it seems i am constantly doing extra work to achieve a feeling of something beyond my reach currently, leaving visual notes all behind the scenes. one day with enough money perhaps we will be able to get some of the shots below instead of settling with our little diy 35mm.


the lighting is much sharper in the photos than the video due to the shutter as well as some post balancing where the video is locked and un-color balanced.


a majority of the videos were shot with a nikon d90 while additional footage came from an htc one and an old htc one x with a fisheye adapater. with video recording at 1920 x 1080 but a full 4:3 sensor we were able to crop out the outer fisheye ring. some additional photos from the weekend below.

if you haven’t heard about the alpine slide (i didn’t know of it until this weekend), here’s an uncut video going down first person.

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