i remember playing around in premier before and understood the basics but up until this night i didn’t really try and use it to its fullest potential as a tool. beside the static shots of the syn session cuts, i didn’t really have much use for the 50mm lense for video, it was more of a portrait lense and i couldn’t figure out a use for it because of its cropping. i set out to grab any footage i could to play around with in premier and sat passenger side using the car as a dolly as we cruised around. i became familiar with other tools within the program such as the warp stabilizer around this time where we had to compensate for the shaky camera.

i quickly took some time to go frame by frame and notice what was happening with old tricks i’ve already learned yet simple cropping, framing, and blending changed the images and feel so much. even a simple step forward or back while zooming revealed something that wasn’t there before or vice versa. the program quickly resembled a moving picture version of photoshop and became obsessed with moving images again pretty much after playing with layers, glass, and light.

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