old clip of bboy omega and bboy moks from ground syndrome after a session in chicago. i was lucky to work with such skilled breakers and the shooting went by pretty quick. as tired as they were they were eager to scout some locations and shoot some test shots for a rough cut  i had in mind which we were hoping for a series of them. everything was freestyled and sort of construkted on the spot. we even printed some original syn shirts for the shooting when urban.construkt was doing t-shirts for a little bit. for some reason this had multiple cuts rendered and this one was the closest one where they are hitting the beat.

i remember most of the areas we chose were low light situations and i was forced to shoot with the 50mm lense, and even then it was pretty dark. we were working with the city lights peeking through the structures and still photographic shots on a tripod with no movement. near the end i was handling the camera by hand and switched to the telephoto when it was a little brighter near the intersection. i kept in mind for later trying to keep the colors the same and how the light bleeds etc. to make it a little easier in post production and make the scenes flow a bit more.

it was one of those painstaking tedious nights staying up hunched over the laptop trying to match every footstep to every beat. the damn sun came up and i had to go straight to work. when you don’t have the luxuries of expensive equipment to shoot at high frame rates to speed or slow down when you need, they were energetic enough to be hitting the beat most of the time on their sets and allowed me to leave the takes as a whole for the most part. i experimented with layering the shots at some points to make up for the excess time as the beat came in. it was difficult to hear the music in chicago using only a phone with the train and traffic passing by. with many things going against us it was a successful night and hope this page inspires them to create some more this summer!

take plenty of breaks people, you can see near the end you can’t even tell what hes hitting on beat and to be honest, its probably a mixture of me and them dancing without any music at that point, those ambulance sirens are loud as fuck. in any case, spending all that time does you no good and just like any art with eyes and ears, you will eventually hit a breaking point and get tired, and your mind with begin to lag behind. you will always have to go back and fix it so take breaks and do it right the first time. not just you, the equipment starts to lag behind too. just a thought.

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