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gopro 4 first day

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shot and created before the wedding shoot in arizona back in august 2014. bought the gopro 4 as a fun backup camera and recorded the first day getting to know the features. we've had a chance to use it more creatively...

2014 feb thoughts

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whether it is out of boredom, the colors are striking, or simply because i want to remember a moment, i seem to have an excess amount of random video clips at the end of the month. no matter what i did they just kept ...

longest day of 2014

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We had a thunderstorm on our summer solstice this year showcasing a range of lights and colors in the sky as the weather bounced around. Always makes for some great wet clouds the following days.

galena 2014

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we were fortunate enough to stay at the lefev're inn in galena over memorial day weekend. when we returned we had some photos for members but didn't want to put the video to waste. taking all the footage we made a qui...

may cloud study

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the weather is finally warmer and getting a late april showers. had a few days with good clouds passing by and tried experimenting with some new thoughts. originally my intention was to practice some audio using clips...

time lapse of hp indigo 7600 installation

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took an opportunity during a digital press upgrade to show how a new installation of a digital print machine looks like in a span of a one week. i ended up wrapping up early due to time constraints but it looks like w...

the drive home after wind rises film

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caught miyazaki's last film, the wind rises, and left a good enough impression on me. felt like getting in some footage driving home as the sun was going down.

lucy’s bad fur day

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this little booger ran off into the mud when i came by to pick them up and got a little video using the google editor.

fisheye cruise

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had one of those cruising days and playing with different shots using an old fisheye adapater.  

2013 review initial cut

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Sat down and made a rough cut using a theme to kill a dead man by portishead. I just had some feelings I wanted to make into memories and un-clutter my head in preparation for the new year of ideas and exploration usi...

dmd night teaser without text

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a sample of a teaser video for dmd without any text. the owner wanted the video to feel like the company works through the night so your business can grow. i had a few old clips from before so quickly cut it up using ...

slow pan test after only god forgives

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briefly after our bedroom dolly test, we had a chance to view only god forgives on demand and gave us a few new fetishes to nitpick at that we always knew we liked, but found a movie that really pushed the boundaries ...

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