it was supposed to be a quick trip.

we were all packed and set to drive to maryland from chicago. i had a cousin originally from baltimore visiting, while my oldest cousin was visiting from korea. my brother was getting ready as usual so we took a snack run around the corner; we never made it past that corner.

i had developed a habit of filming our little adventures with a film camcorder when i was much younger. i happened to capture some of the accident and aftermath so we decided to shoot some extra scenes and make a little memorable trailer out of our fubar’d vacation. this was the first time we sat down to script something out and we only had a few sentences laid out, but holy shit did we realize quickly how much work that went into piecing together a short film. we were young, creative, adventurous, and had nothing but time. we are still trying to grasp and learn things we planned to do years ago, experimenting, maturing, and getting better at checking our grammar before rendering. this was a start to many of the small niches and film fetishes we pick away at, and of course, the way we create and present our story.

you’ll notice two logos in the beginning and before urban.construkt it was actually visual.tektonix (any similarities?). my brother at the time was running with vyllentdzines at the time and for some reason it was on our mind that it was the thing to do, obnoxiously flashing logos in the intro. my friend isaac was making all sort of different kinds of music and really inspired me to try and visualize different sequences for the feel of his tracks as well and has become an essential hobby to create an original sound for the picture. the songs nor images need to be masterful when you have many forces working for it to express what you need with the skills you have now that i reflect back.

we shot some additional footage, whatever came up really, to spice up our trailer which started straying off from our original idea but we were just going with it at the time. it is definitely easy to lose yourself until you take a step back and watch it all as a whole.


notebook, rough cuts



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